SumoLogic for Logging on Raspberry Pi

I needed to get SumoLogic running for Logging on my Raspberry Pi, as there are no Collectors for ARM platform at present.

This post assumes that you’ve already set yourself up a Free SumoLogic account.

I am running an uElastix installation under Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow), and wanted to be able to ship all my logs up to SumoLogic.

Whilst this was only tested on Fedora for Pi, the main issue was the ARM support being added in the wrapper software that is used alongside SumoLogic. This post should work on other distros too.

First I downloaded the SumoCollector installation script and ran it to find out any dependency errors.

I got the unix.tar version from here:

by running


I needed to install java-1.7.0, so did:

yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk.armv5tel

Next, I unzipped SumoCollector_unix_19_115-21.tar.gz and ran the SumoLogic UNIX installer again.

This did install, but failed to run properly giving errors because the version of the wrapper was not suitable for ARM architecture.

I downloaded what I found at the time to be the most suitable version of the wrapper program from Tanuki software, which seemed to resolve the issues I was having.

The release notes shows “Add support for Linux on ARM systems.” at

so I grabbed wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st.tar.gz from


mv wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st.tar.gz\?mode\=download wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st.tar.gz
tar zxvf wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st.tar.gz

(The next steps are mostly centred around the following post:

I changed into the installation directory of the SumoLogic installer and copied the wrapper libs over the top of what was there by default.

cp /usr/local/src/wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st/lib/ .
mv 19.108-24/bin/native/lib/
cp /usr/local/src/wrapper-linux-arm-32-3.5.16-st/bin/wrapper .
chmod ug+w wrapper
chmod ug+w collector
./collector start

I defined a collector in /etc/sumo.conf

[email protected]

I created a simple JSON syslog template from the SumoLogic examples:

"api.version": "v1",
"sources": [{
"sourceType" : "LocalFile",
"name" : "syslog",
"pathExpression" : "/var/log/*",
"category" : "OS/Linux",
"cutoffRelativeTime" : "-1d"
"installer": {
"name": "System Logs",
"description": "Operating System Logs",
"forInstallers": [ "linux", "solaris" ],
"order": 0

At this point the collector started and registered on the SumoLogic portal, but died pretty quickly as my Pi ran out of memory for the Java process that is used for SumoLogic

So I set the following values in my wrapper.conf to cap how much RAM Java would consume:

# Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)

# Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)

Lastly, I retried and found that logs were now shipping as expected up to SumoLogic’s portal!

(c) Matt Palmer 28-Apr-2015

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