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Arrgghh British Gas, can my day get any worse!

British Gas arrived to sort out isolating my hot water tank, after numerous calls to them both last night and this morning, when I was greated by a soaking wet floor/ceiling again.

The engineer isolated the tank, but didnt use a ladder to get into the loft. Instead he thought he would use my book case, and fell right through it! so no I not only dont have heating/hot water for over a week, but a broken bookcase and lots of damaged items that were on the shelves.

Wrote a really cutting email to BGS customer services (next stop WatchDog), I’ll see what joy I have from them, as this problem has been going on for nearly 4 years on and off, and has cost me loads of money to keep getting the things done that British Gas say needs doing to resolve my issue. Yet it turns out that the very thing I said was wrong with the tank originally, is actually what is wrong, now I just need to wait 8 days for the part to become available. (Lots of kettles to boil in the meantime). – Maybe I should work for British Gas!!

Then I got in car this afternoon and the immobiliser is playing up and the car refused to start! Joy. Oh well I guess thats my three items of bad luck for the day, so hopefully my evening will be better!