Amazon AWS Summit London 2011

I thought I would post up a couple of the freebies I bought back from the Amazon AWS Summit in London this year.

There were some really great speakers there and it was good to hear some real world success stories. Lots of attendees and speakers including a guy from the press that was a key player in getting some big newspapers like The Sun and The Daily Telegraph running on cloud based infrastructure.

The keynote speech was given by the man himself Werner Vogels. The speech I enjoyed the most was the closing topic which was centered around the evolution of Amazons technology platform. Interesting to hear that when they started out they were running everything on one server (Tru64) for their bookstore (order placement, customer management and content), after learning some really hard lessons finally making a complete shift over to their own EC2 platform running a host of backend systems based on Linux.

There were some other really cool features in the list of services that they offer, primarily for me, I was personally interested in SQS, Amazons Simple Queuing Service. What I like most about this is that if a ‘message’ times out or doesnt get delivered after leaving the Queue, its gets reinserting into the queue for resubmission, this could be a really useful feature to have where you have long running tasks built up of many units, because this allows certain elements of your infrastructure external to SQS to fail and once they have come back up restart the last thing that they were processing in their queue.

The example given in the speech was around video transcoding for a company like NetFlix, where they can afford to begin the process again in the event of the first attempt failing. In particular another great thing about this is that you dont necessarily have to be using the rest of the AWS framework in order to make use of SQS as it is accessed simply by using an API, which means that its also possible to use this with any existing infrastructure you may have already.

Here’s the pics of my freebies from Canonical!